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Due to COVID-19 there are delays in some of our processes aswell as some of our developments. Bus Driver Jade & the team are working to try and support and make the products arrive on-time as expected.

BDJ Shop
Products on our store are packaged in house, cleaned & sanitised before being sent to the Royal Mail delivery office. Royal Mail have got contact free delivering in place and our package may come under this category. 

Our education will not change because it is mostly completed over social media platforms. We are looking at completing YouTube videos where possible but due to COVID-19 some of our ideas may become more difficult and may be delayed. You can expect to see some videos and other content soon. Keep an eye out!!!

We were looking at doing some Christmas events as well as doing some other public events. Due to social distancing and news from priminister I do not want to put anyone in danger of COVID-19 as it is irrisponsible and any events on the bus or in person we will have rules in place. If you have an exemption please make sure you make it apparent as you could be turned away. We do not want this. We want all of you to enjoy yourselves and make it a day to remember.

Contact me on social media if there are any enquiries.
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