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Updated: Sep 16, 2021


Nearside = Side nearest the kerb.

Offside = Side furthest away from the kerb.

Blind spot = An area of road that cannot be seen, even in the mirrors.

MSM = Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre.


Before moving to the left the first thing you should check is the nearside mirror.

Before moving to the right the first thing you should check is the offside mirror.

You should check the nearside mirror just before you turn left.

You should check the offside mirror just before you turn right.

You should use your mirrors and look behind you before moving off.

After passing parked cars on the left you need to check your nearside mirror.

You should check your offside mirror just before turning right from a main road into a side road as someone may be overtaking you.

If a vehicle has a mirror on the nearside angled down to show the front nearside wheel, you should use it when pulling into park at the kerb.

The MSM routine should be used when you negotiate a hazard.


Cyclists and pedestrians may be out of sight below the windscreen line if a bus has a high seating position.

Your view ahead will be reduced if you drive too close to the vehicle in front.

Adjust your seat properly to ensure all-round vision when driving.

You must be aware of the blind area close in front when driving a bus with a high seating position.

At a T-junction where your view to the left and right is blocked by parked vehicles you should slowly move forward until you can see clearly in all directions.


You must look all around before you start reversing.

When reversing your vehicle while the audible warning device is in operation you should be cautious and keep looking all around.

An audible warning device for reversing in areas with a 30mph speed limit can be used between 7:00am and 11:30pm.


Motorcyclists might be difficult to see at junctions as they can be hidden in blind spots.

There will be more blind spots on larger vehicles then there will be on smaller vehicles.


When driving a long vehicle, you should be careful of cyclists on your left before turning left onto a main road.

When turning right at a roundabout marked with two right turn lanes, that have more than enough room for your vehicle in either lane, you should use the left-hand lane of the two.

Before moving off in a vehicle with high side windows you should open the window and look down and round to the right as it can be difficult to see either side.


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