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The Meaning Behind Valerie!

Valerie means healthy and strong. The reason I chose this name is because she was sat withdrawn for approximately 2 Years. Valerie got towed to Birmingham Bus Works and within 4 days passed a class 6 MOT with very little work being required. She sure is a healthy and strong bus!


Registration Details

Make: Volvo

Model: B7RLE

Body Name: Wrightbus Eclipse Urban 1

DOFR: 01/11/2006


Engine: Volvo D7C Euro 3

Gearbox: ZF Gearbox 6HP552C (6 Speed Gearbox)

Top Speed: 62mph (Vehicle is limited & crusie control fitted)

Tyres: 275/70R/22.5 (Steel Rims)

Fuel Tank Size: 330 Litres


Capacity: 42 Seated, 33 Standees & 1 Wheelchair

Seating Type: Lazzerini Pratico 3845

Height: 3.15 Metres (10ft 4inches)

Width: 2.55 Metres (8ft 4 inches)

Length: 10 Metres (39ft 5 inches)

Unladen Weight: 10.967 tonnes (10967 kgs)

Maximum Weight: 18 tonnes (18000kgs)




Valerie was new to Travel West Midlands at Walsall garage to replace older vehicles. Valerie spent all her life in Walsall and even carried the TWM Livery.

Liveries & History

Valerie wore from new TWM Toothpaste livery as was known as and travelled the local routes of Walsall where she explored the black country. Around 2010 Valerie received her NXWM Red & White livery and in 2014 had been seen to have branding for the 301 & 302. Valerie got painted into the Crimson livery (which she still wears today) in 2016 but her old route branding was not removed until a year later. In 2017 her branding got updated and looked a lot more vibrant and appealing to the passengers eyes, until the branding came to an end when the WM Bus partnership took over and the routes got re-numbered to the 31 & 32 and the branding was shortly removed. 


The Story

October 2023

Valerie joined our fleet in the midlands in October after being sat for approximately 2 years withdrawn from NXWM. Birmingham Bus Works recovered her from Walsall depot to their yard in Birmingham and set about MOT prepping the vehicle. 4 Days later the vehicle was presented to MOT and initially failed due to a small amount of faulty bell pushes which were shortly rectified. We picked her up the same day of the test and drove her for hours. She performed very well with very minor issues which we set about sorting.

April 2024

Valerie has been with us for 6 months, by far not our tidiest motor but a reliable one. In recent times she has had some issues regarding the vehicle not starting. We narrowed this down to the fuel pickup and started stripping down the fuel pump replacing all the damaged dowty washers & Banjos. We found some issues around the lift pump and surrounding parts so got these ordered and replaced. This took us about a couple of days as didn't want to strip any other parts down in the process. 

Couple months later the vehicle is running ok, has the occasional issue around starting up. We have noticed it has got some slight damage on the flywheel where the starter motor has chipped away. No big issue but occasionally makes horrendous noises. 

Last thing we need to do to make her run as best as she can is to remove the pickup filter & clean it all out including the tank where possible and check the vehicle for boost leaks as it sounds like there could be a couple.


Photo taken by Enthusiast M.B


Photo taken by Enthusiast M.B

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