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The Meaning Behind Velma!

Velma means so much to me, she is the determined protector of the fleet. She is a bus with very few problems and proceeds to run above my expectations!  


Registration Details

Make: Volvo

Model: B7RLE

Body Name: Wrightbus Eclipse Urban 1

DOFR: 01/01/2007


Engine: Volvo D7C Euro 3

Gearbox: ZF Gearbox 6HP552C (6 Speed Gearbox)

Top Speed: 62mph (Vehicle is limited)

Tyres: 275/70R/22.5 (Steel Rims)

Fuel Tank Size: 330 Litres


Capacity: 42 Seated, 33 Standees & 1 Wheelchair

Seating Type: Lazzerini Pratico 3845

Height: 3.15 Metres (10ft 4inches)

Width: 2.55 Metres (8ft 4 inches)

Length: 10 Metres (39ft 5 inches)

Unladen Weight: 10.967 tonnes (10967 kgs)

Maximum Weight: 18 tonnes (18000kgs)




Velma was new to Travel West Midlands at Acocks Green garage to replace older vehicles. Velma spent some of her life on the 37 routes and even carried the branding in her TWM Toothpaste Livery as it was known as.

Liveries & History

Velma got her repaint into NXWM Red & White livery in 2010, she got repainted into NXWM Crimson in 2016 and again after her small thermal incident she got repainted again in 2018. She served all the way up until 30th October 2021. She was sold to The Green Bus in February 2022 and she received there new Green Bus Livery. This bus did not ever see service with The Green Bus and was parked up in reserve. In April 2023 The Green Bus (Sold From Birmingham Bus Works) this vehicle to Greenslades Tours of Exeter where she served her time and did the company well, she received a few battle scars but overall she was a dream.


The Story

August 2023

Velma joined our fleet up in the Midlands. I drover her all the way from Exeter back up to the Midlands and she was a pleasure, just a pity at the time she was limited to 50mph but I soon sorted that out!


The Gallery

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