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General Tools For Preserving A Bus

Updated: 4 hours ago

Expect a post updating this section as we have got a lo of change!


The general tools we used to fix our buses basic faults and making sure you can get the vehicle out of a tricky position easily. We have one Box with some tools in and it will get you out of 95% of problems from our own experiences.


We recommend you buy sockets of decent quality or something what has a life time guarantee as it means it will be able to take a bit of a beating. Our sockets we own are 1/4 drive small set from Halfords as well as 3/8 drive socket tray with a few extension bars. This will help you in most situations and has sure saved us on a few occasions. This means you have sockets ranging from 4mm to 24mm, this is what you mostly need for majority jobs.

1/4 Drive Set:

3/8 Drive Tray:


We recommend you buy a basic combination spanner set like we did. Our set ranges from 8mm to 19mm and has done majority of the jobs we needed. We have had to use some bigger spanner’s like a 32mm for a couple of jobs but we are informing you what spanners you need in a box on your vehicle as it will assist you in your situations.

Combination Spanner’s:


We have a range of screw drivers ranging from our Halfords to our top quality Wera screw drivers. We prefer the Wera screw drivers because of the quality but the Halfords screw drivers will do the job just fine and it even has a guarantee too. It’s essential to have a few different size screw drivers because you may be doing multiple different tasks or may need to use them for other purposes. You can never go wrong if you have too many screw drivers. We also did buy a Bit set screw driver so we have a few different bits to use in difficult situations.

Wera Screw Driver Set

Wera Ratchet Screw Driver.


We have a few different bits and bobs for our electrical issues. We have a Multimeter to be able to check our IOU inputs and outputs without putting a load on the system so we can see exactly how it is acting. We also have something called a 24v Test Light which we use to test fuses and inputs in general but I do not recommend checking signal wiring with this as it may give inaccurate or false results. We always have this and has saved us a few time with Electra.


We have a few other tools in our box such as Hex Keys and Torx Keys. We have them for a few different securing mechanisms in the cab area as well as in the passenger saloon. We have also got some of our body panels with these too so it is essential to our kit. We have a few different kinds of hammers such as a Tapping Hammer for our inspections, Copper hammer and a regular impact hammer. These are the most common tools we carry but we do have a lot more due to my engineer having excessive tools.

Torx Keys:

Hex Keys:

Hammer Set:


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